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Are other Cisco SFP/SFP+ parts certified to work with Cisco Meraki products?

Cisco Meraki switches and security appliances with SFP interfaces allow both Cisco Meraki-branded and 3rd party optics. Our products do not lock out optics that have been detected as non-Meraki parts. However, please note that in most cases only Meraki-branded accessories have been certified to work with Cisco Meraki products.

Are other Cisco SFP/SFP+ parts certified to work with Cisco Meraki products? To date only the MS390 has been validated and certified to work with the following Cisco SFPs and twinax cables using the 8x10G and 4x10G modules:

  • SFP-H10GB-CU1M

  • SFP-H10GB-CU3M

  • SFP-10G-SR-S

  • SFP-10G-SR

If I have a technical problem and am using non-certified optics, will Cisco Meraki Support provide assistance? Cisco Meraki will still provide technical support and help troubleshoot the issue. However, if the problem is isolated or related to a link that is using non-certified optics, you may be asked to test using a certified part.

What if I need to support an optical standard that Cisco Meraki does not currently have a part for? There are many different standards in the industry for varying distances and fiber types. While Cisco Meraki strives to support the most common IEEE802.3 standards, if you are in need of a standard that Cisco Meraki does not carry a certified option for, you will need to use a non-Meraki part. If you have problems using the uncertified part with a Cisco Meraki product, please contact Cisco Meraki support. Though we do not officially support non-Meraki parts, many are still compatible and Support will do their best to ensure all the requirements are met for checking non-Meraki SFP connectivity and viability. For more information on compatible and supported SFP modules, check our SFP and Stacking Accessories document.



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