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Why EWC?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

The Cisco ® Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst ® Access Points provides an option for your Wi-Fi 6 network that is easy to deploy and manage.

EWC Advantages

  • A cost-effective approach to introducing a Wi-Fi 6 production or beta network

  • No need to deploy the WLAN controller since AP itself can act as a controller.

  • Migration option from a small controller less deployment to a Controller based deployment in future.

  • The EWC on Catalyst Access Points runs a similar Cisco IOS®XE code as the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers, making it resilient, secure, and intelligent.

  • Easy to deploy, manage and monitor via dashboard and Mobile App.

  • No need for DNA Subscription licensing.

  • Advanced RF features such as Flexible Radio Assignment and Cisco CleanAir® technology

  • Up to 100 Access Points and 2000 clients can be managed in an EWC solution.

  • EWC can be migrated to cloud- or physical controller-based deployments as needed.

  • With active and standby controllers running simultaneously on two 9100 access points, redundancy keeps your network, services, and clients always on, even in unplanned events

  • Cisco DNA Spaces integration for personalized and relevant guest experience

  • Can be managed from Cisco DNA Center.



Q 9100-EWC can we manage 1800 series APs'?

A Yes, 1800 can be managed by the EWC on C9100.

Q Can the Access Point C9120AXI-EWC converted to C9120AXI and vice versa, Can it be migrated to a physical controller or to the cloud as it could be?

A When you generate a quote, you can specify what firmware you want pre-loaded: EWC/ME or CAPWAP. You will also need a valid Service Contract to be able to download either of the firmware.

If the AP is to be converted to CAPWAP, a valid Service Contract for the WLC is required. If downloading EWC, a valid Service Contract for the "controller" AP is required.

Q If we want to consider the 9300 switch as a controller, any license is to be considered?

A No additional license needed.

EWC on C9000 Switch will be EOS. As part of mode consolidation Embedded Wireless on Catalyst 9000 Series Switch (non-SDA) using WebUI will be End of Support (Q3FY21) with no additional feature development or code changes and 17.3.x is the last supported release.

If DNAC is used for orchestration and manager multiple different sites, DNA license will be required.


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