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Why EWC?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

The Cisco ® Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst ® Access Points provides an option for your Wi-Fi 6 network that is easy to deploy and manage.

EWC Advantages

  • A cost-effective approach to introducing a Wi-Fi 6 production or beta network

  • No need to deploy the WLAN controller since AP itself can act as a controller.

  • Migration option from a small controller less deployment to a Controller based deployment in future.

  • The EWC on Catalyst Access Points runs a similar Cisco IOS®XE code as the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers, making it resilient, secure, and intelligent.

  • Easy to deploy, manage and monitor via dashboard and Mobile App.

  • No need for DNA Subscription licensing.

  • Advanced RF features such as Flexible Radio Assignment and Cisco CleanAir® technology

  • Up to 100 Access Points and 2000 clients can be managed in an EWC solution.

  • EWC can be migrated to cloud- or physical controller-based deployments as needed.

  • With active and standby controllers running simultaneously on two 9100 access points, redundancy keeps your network, services, and clients always on, even in unplanned events

  • Cisco DNA Spaces integration for personalized and relevant guest experience

  • Can be managed from Cisco DNA Center.


Provisioning Guide


Q 9100-EWC can we manage 1800 series APs'?

A Yes, 1800 can be managed by the EWC on C9100.

Check table 5:

Q Can the Access Point C9120AXI-EWC converted to C9120AXI and vice versa, Can it be migrated to a physical controller or to the cloud as it could be?

A When you generate a quote, you can specify what firmware you want pre-loaded: EWC/ME or CAPWAP. You will also need a valid Service Contract to be able to download either of the firmware.

If the AP is to be converted to CAPWAP, a valid Service Contract for the WLC is required. If downloading EWC, a valid Service Contract for the "controller" AP is required.

Q If we want to consider the 9300 switch as a controller, any license is to be considered?

A No additional license needed.

EWC on C9000 Switch will be EOS. As part of mode consolidation Embedded Wireless on Catalyst 9000 Series Switch (non-SDA) using WebUI will be End of Support (Q3FY21) with no additional feature development or code changes and 17.3.x is the last supported release.

See here:

If DNAC is used for orchestration and manager multiple different sites, DNA license will be required.


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