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Why Cisco Meraki MR?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


  1. SDN - Managed via Cisco Meraki Dashboard

  2. No Physical Controller - Offers investment protection. No fear of Controller going EOL.

  3. Unparalleled Visibility - Historical Client Usage statistics

  4. AP supporting the latest WiFi 6 technology

  5. Inclusive of Firewalling

  6. L3/L7 Stateful Firewall

  7. Content Filtering (Basic)

  8. Block adult content (NAT Mode)

  9. Can be integrated with Cisco Umbrella to provide an even deeper layer of security for your wireless clients

  10. Custom Traffic Shaping

  11. AirMarshal (WIDS / WIPS)

  12. Dual-band full-time WIPS

  13. Automatic neutralization of wireless threats

  14. Intuitive and flexible remediation

  15. Auto RF

  16. Interference detection

  17. Automatic channel and power configuration

  18. Optimized wireless throughput

  19. Built-in location analytics

  20. Integrated in the WLAN; no extra sensors, appliances or software

  21. Analyze capture rate, dwell time, and new/repeat visitors to measure the impact of advertising, promotions, site utilization, etc.

  22. Integrate location data with CRM, loyalty programs, and custom applications for targeted real-time offers

  23. Integrated BLE beacon models

  24. Asset Tracking - Keep track of BLE devices within the wireless environment

  25. Interact more personally with customers through mobile apps

  26. Wireless Health

  27. Built-in and customizable RF profiles

  28. Active Directory integration

  29. Syslog integration

  30. Remote Packet Capture tools

  31. Automatic Firmware upgrades - One of the great benefits of Meraki is that the upgrades don't take long (~2 minutes per MS/MX and less per MR). The MRs have a great mode where they can upgrade in a way to minimise disruption by not upgrading neighbouring APs at the same time. For MSs we just pick a quiet time and for MXs we have HA pairs so clients don't notice. If you compare this to our Cisco IOS switch stacks that take over 10 minutes to restart when upgrading and when we had WLCs where all APs went down at once.

  32. APIs - Integrate location data with CRM, loyality programs and custom applications for targeted real-time offers. The CLI is Dead; the API is Cool. Gartner Report

  33. Lifetime warranty of indoor APs


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