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Why Meraki Cameras?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

- Camera is a Sensor -


  1. MV is first and foremost a security camera

  2. Say Goodbye to

  3. Additional on-premise hardware Ex. NVR

  4. Standalone software Ex. VMS, Drivers, Plug-ins and IP Configuration

  5. DVD, Thumb drives and other outdated sharing option

  6. Advantage MV Sense License

  7. Motion Search

  8. Motion Heatmap

  9. Person detection

  10. People counting

  11. How many people are here now?

  12. How many people were here at "X" time?

  13. End-to-end encryption

  14. Motion based retention

  15. Motion alerts

  16. Wireless

  17. Direct video sharing

  18. Selective Access - Allow selective access to responsible department. Ex. Police and Public Safety Officer, Front Desk Workers, Facilities, Loss and Prevention Department

  19. Meraki Vision Portal - Meraki Vision is a camera viewing portal designed for core physical security use cases. It allows you to easily navigate between cameras to view video, conduct Motion Search and share footage. [Datasheet]

  20. INSTALLABLE APP - Progressive web app that can be run locally. Experience of a VMS for someone who works the security operations center can just walk into the office, click on Meraki Vision on their desktop and immediately start watching video.


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