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Cisco CML Overview

Cisco Modeling Labs is an on-premise network simulation tool that runs on workstations and servers. With Cisco Modeling Labs, you can quickly and easily simulate Cisco and non-Cisco networks, using real Cisco images.

CML for For Single user

Personal Edition

  • Single user only

  • Ships with 20 Cisco nodes and cannot expand

  • Community support only

Personal Plus Edition

  • Single user only

  • Ships with 40 Cisco nodes and cannot expand

  • Community support only

CML for For Multiple users

Enterprise Edition

  • For organizations with many users

  • Ships with 20 Cisco nodes and can expand to 300 nodes

  • Multi-user Functionality Community and TAC support

More Info:

CML enterprise comes in 2 components.

  1. Base CML Software. The base includes software and a 20 nodes license @ US $XXX,XX (12 months)

  2. Node Licenses. Additional nodes can be added if one required more than 20 nodes in the CML environment. Usually, it is added in multiple of 10 nodes. Per 10 nodes @ US $XXX.XX(12 months)

  • CML enterprise is a multi-user environment & allow the team to build & share lab. The limitation is on number of concurrent devices being run in simulation.

  • Also note that CML is not a cloud-based solution, it is an on-premises solution. The software does not run-on bare metal server and needs to run in a VM environment.

  • TAC support is available as well.


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